Slag removal and regularly replacing slats is costly in labor and materials. The Slagbuster can help increase your profit margins by reducing the amount of time and labor spent in removing slag and increasing the amount of usage you get from your slats!


The Slagbuster utilizes a set of two rotating blades which clean both sides of the slat simultaneously. As the machine moves down the slat, the upward rotation of the blades scrapes slag from the surface and deposits it underneath for removal.


The Slagbuster is designed for CO2 and Fiber lasers and comes in two models. Slagbuster Standard Model: for use with tables having a minimum of 1.75” spacing between slats and can accommodate different sizes of blades for a variety of slat thicknesses. Slagbuster Narrow model: for use on tables with a minimum of 1.25” spacing between slats and replaceable 1” blades.


Due to the Slagbuster’s light-weight portable design a single operator can easily maneuver it on and off the tray surface. The twin rotating blades efficiently clean both sides of the slat at the same time. An entire tray can be cleaned and ready to load in minutes!


The Slagbuster can help decrease the likelihood of accidents and injuries in your shop. The 6’ long handle eliminates the need for workers to climb onto the tray surface. There is no danger of jumping or heavy vibration, which can result in worker fatigue or injury. The Slagbuster also features a resettable overload fuse as well as an emergency shut-off on the handle giving the
operator complete control.


The Slagbuster lessens your frequency of slat replacement which translates into savings on material, handling and labor. By reducing the amount of time spent cutting and fabricating your own slats, your machines can devote more time to generating profit for your company!


“Prior to using this product we were cleaning slats weekly and changing them every 3-4 weeks. Since we started using the Slagbuster at the end of every production week, we have not had to replace the slats in our fiber lasers in over 6 weeks. We also think we’ll get by with the same set of slats in our CO2 laser for over a year.”