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The Slagger Cutting Table

We have patented our unique Slagger cutting table. This table allows the slag produced from oxy-fuel and plasma cutting to move from the table bottom to a collection pan or pit at the end of the table for eventual disposal. In addition, the Slagger is an excellent dust removal device, pushing dust from the table into a side duct with zones that open at the cutting machine location.

Slagger features:

  • Table is cleaned once a day in five minutes.
  • Small parts can be retrieved easily.
  • The dust collector keeps the operating environment clean.
  • Table does not have to be disassembled to remove slag.


Slagger Install
Wisconsin, USA
22' x 106' ST
Slagger M
Slagger Install
25' x 237' P

Slagger M
Slagger Install
19' x 98' EX
Slagger M